Based on the success of MATCHES Géza M. Tóth started a new 2-minutes series with 52 episodes, Mitch-Match. The series is expected to be distributed in 2021.

Seeing something more in a simple object may be the most ancient of creative gestures. One plays with the object, invents stories about it giving it a real personality. The planned series is built on this creative gesture, taking advantage in the measure of the possibilities offered by animation design.

The main character is a  blue headed matchstick, that embarks on a journey in every episode and always returns to the box at the end of lots of strange, playful and imaginative adventures.  A single matchstick, an easy-to-use object, and at the same an opportunity for creative experiences that evokes everyone’s fantasy.


Writer, designer, script, storyboard, layout: Géza M. Tóth
Director and producer: Géza M. Tóth
Graphics: Roland Kazi
Music / Sound: Bertalan Baglyas
Presskit: win_baberok2 WIN_BABEROK_02 WIN_BABEROK_03 LIAF 2021 Best Childrens Film Award 8-15 box_01 image (1) Production information
English title: Mitch-Match
Original title: Mitch-Match
Episode running time: ‘2.5
Series running time: 52 x ‘2.5
Category: stop motion animation series
Genre: comedy
Country: Hungary
Target audience: family (6-99)
Shooting format: 16:9
Language: no dialogues PRODUCTION AND CREATION: 
Format: 52 x ‘2.5
Project status: 7x ‘2.5 pilot episodes complete
Concept for episode’s titles: titles are indicated only by numbers. The storyline needs to be invented by the audience.
Release date: 2022