“M. Tóth knows how to orchestrate things and use surprise as a narrative card trick for good measure”
Zippy Frames Short Corner, 26 August, 2020 “The animator discovered when making the film that his imagination was also thriving through the boy´s words and remembered his own stories.”, 2 October, 2020 “Géza M. Tóth mostly focused on finding a minimum sign that can activate the viewer, with which he can make them interested in what they see. With his film Matches, he wanted to model the childish way of thinking, to evoke the experience of “cloud gazing, which we are all familiar with…”
HYPEANDHYPER, 26 January, 2021 “We see high potential in the project to stimulate the audience’s inspiration and imagination, regardless of age and culture, it can satisfy the eternal human puzzle-solving wants.”
Animationweek, 15 February, 2021


MATCHES has won the Oscar qualifying Light in Motion Award for Best Animated Short Film at the Foyle Film Festival in 2019, the Best Animation at New York City Short Film Festival, at Moscow and Fano International Film Festival, the main prize at Seven Hill Film Festival, honorable mention at Ottawa International Animation Festival and at Etiuda&Anima International Film Festival, Audience Award for Best Children’s Film 8+ at Animanima International Animation Festival and London International Animation Festival, Award of Excellence Special Mention: Animation at Best Shorts, 2nd Prize in the Fine Art competition at Alexandre Trauner Art/Film Festival, 3rd Prize at Athens Animfest A’.


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