The result of this project was that we were able to visualize a child’s thoughts, feelings, and imagination while playing.  There is nothing more important to me than a play. Not because of the win or result. I am attracted by the play itself and  feel a deep connection with a child, its imagination and playfulness.

Children’s creativity is able to create a complex world from the simplest things – wooden cubes, pebbles. I started playing matchsticks myself and experimented with a technique and decided to use this most simple object to create a universal story. Our character’s philosophy of life is portrayed entirely through matchsticks and creates mood and emotions while illustrating important life lessons for today’s complex societies.

In addition to the interview text in the form of narration, carefully designed sound is also an elementally important part of the film. We only used diegetic sounds, there is actually no classical soundtrack in the film, only sound design.

As a child is  capable of imagining anything in objects and in natural phenomena, the film makes an attempt to bring out the eternal child from everyone.